Translation. Creation.

I help my clients build, scale and expand their business internationally and at home.


I build relationships with my clients; becoming a vital part of their team.


Whatever your requirements, I can work something out to suit your style.

Quality Commitments

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, quality is of utmost importance to me.

Throw Me a Pro Bono

Communication between people, countries and continents has never been more important.


Taking your business on to the global stage is a huge step but I'm here to help.

Say the Magic Words

I help people communicate their value and vision. Scroll down to see how.

My Vision

The world is a better place when people communicate. Lives are richer, people are happier and relations improve. I make this happen.

I make you look good. Whether it’s making over your content or making it accessible worldwide, if it matters to you it matters to me. I thrive on working with industry experts, visionary leaders and exciting entrepreneurs. Where do you fit in?


The right message can make or break a business. I help companies communicate the right message to the right people. Whether you need help creating your content from scratch or taking it global through translation, I sprinkle a little magic on your words to drive your business forward.

Tech Talk…

…but with an environmental twist. From engineering to ecology, I’ve translated everything from 1-page summaries through to 1000-page manuals. I may be geeky but I’m good at it.

Content & Copy

Blog posts, sales letters, e-zines, course material – writing engaging content can be time consuming and stressful. I can handle your copy and content or teach you how to DIY (no drills were harmed in the making of my courses.)

Quality collaboration

If it’s a language I don’t speak: I collaborate. Over the years I’ve built up a trusted team of linguistic lions, who all share my goal: quality. We want to be an integral part of your team; achieving excellence makes us irreplaceable.


Hearts are won and souls are bared in creative texts. My writing and translation experience, ranging from coffee table books to carefully crafted speeches, makes sure that your composition will always hit the right note.


Whether you need your White Paper translated or a sales letter written, I carry out meticulous background research to ensure that your document is as informative as it is enthralling.


I’m fun to work with. If possible, I like to build a relationship with clients and help them in any way I can. I go the extra mile to make you even more remarkable. I draw the line at xo’s in emails though.

My clients are amazing. I love being part of their team and sharing in their successes, so I’m honoured to feature a few of their comments about our completed projects.

"We have to get content translated quite often and have used a number of translation providers.
Jo cannot be rivalled in any way. Approachable, friendly, efficient and
best of all high-quality. We will only use Silver Tongue Translations from now on."

− Alan Feely, A Creative Feeling

"Jo is a pleasure to deal with. She is extremely efficient and always comes back with a clear outline of costs prior to undertaking any work. The translation process was made very simple with her expertise. She always works in a timely manner and when the translated documents were received they were in the same format as the original which is important for this industry. She is always pleasant, approachable and her quotation reflects the fee charged at the end. This is very important to clients."

− Ruth McKenny, Partner, T R Gibson

"We hired Jo for localization and translation work in 2012. It was an unusual, challenging project that had other translators running scared, but Jo tackled the job with aplomb. Flexible working method, able to adapt to last-minute deadline changes, and not at all phased by the fast-paced environment of online media. All that, and a smile!"

− Niamh Lynch, Softonic

"I strongly recommend Jo; she was able to turn around a 3-page translation for me within an hour or two of my requesting it. Highly professional and prompt, and great customer service!"

− Katya Crompton, Legal Advisor, Intergovernmental Organisation

"Our main concern is always working with translators who are able to capture not only the language but also the different registers and who trust their own instincts above any apparent solution offered by a translating software, which in our experience can be unreliable.

When we work with Jo, we know that all aspects: timing, final result, communication...they’re all taken care of. We are very glad to be working with a translator who loves language - this is always reflected in her work. "

− Montse Borrás, Editor, Promopress

"My concern prior to searching for an editor was finding someone who is sustainability-literate but Jo seemed to know better what I really wanted to say than I did!

My favourite part of working together is the speed of delivery and level of accuracy that Jo achieves – in fact she always uses expressions of her own that make it all more British (what I was looking for!)"

− Jan Peter Bergkvist, Owner & Senior Advisor, SleepWell AB


I work a little differently from other businesses. You won’t find per word rates or vague mumbo jumbo on hourly tariffs. I look at every project on its own merits and help you decide exactly what you need. I work with two models – Projects and Packages.