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Why It’s Not Wrong to Say ‘Show Me the Money!’

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After years of freelancing, I officially launched Silver Tongue in 2013. I had a grand reason for it. The grandest. The greatest. I was going to set an example. I was going to be a role model. I was going to…cringe, thinking of all the people I fervently preached at. Because although the thought behind it was solid, and certainly authentic to the person I was at the time, it was complete and utter bol…ognese. Read More

Copy vs Content

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“I need to right some copy for my blog.” Hmm. No you don’t. “Does anybody know a good content writer? I need a sales page written.” I think you mean a copywriter. Copy and content are often confused, and although they are similar, there are definite differences. As part of an ebook I’m launching (it’ll be available within the next few weeks – exciting!), I included a section on the difference between content and copy, and why you need them. Here’s the chapter: Read More

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