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marketing and GDPR

Marketing and GDPR – a modern love story?

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GDPR (or the General Data Protection Regulation, to use its full title) is everywhere you look at the moment. And understandably so. It’s a big change. But is it as scary as everyone keeps saying? I get it. On the surface, marketing & GDPR don’t seem obvious BFFs. When I started to do my research on the topic, I was crapping myself just like everyone else.

How would it affect my marketing?

Would my email subscriber numbers fall off a cliff?

What about my ad strategy – would anyone actually opt in to my opt ins anymore?

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How to send a cold email pitch

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So. You need to send a cold email pitch. Let me guess. Your toes are curling even at the thought. I know the deal. You spend forever and five days coming up with the email; refining, reviewing, restarting, ripping it all up and resolving to move to an ashram in the Himalayas where you won’t ever have to pitch again. But then you remember you have me to help. So here goes, a guide to how to write a cold email  pitch without losing hair, sleep or sanity. Read More

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