Copy Blitz: How To Write An About Me page

I hate to break it to you, but your About Me page has been lying to you.

You’re not supposed to write about yourself at all.

I know. All this time you thought it was a chance to talk about your passions and your hobbies and your cat. But nobody cares. Not even your cat (not a cat lover here, can you tell?)

Your About Me page is actually your About Them page. Who’s “them”, I hear you ask! Why, your ideal clients, of course!

You see, your About Them page does what it says on the tin. It’s about them. We want your potential clients to….

….recognise themselves, and their problems and needs, in your writing.

We want them to do that funny side glance, to check you’re not actually sitting in the room with them, such is your laser-focused, freakily accurate description of their current situation. You want them to nod manically at the computer screen as they read your site and exclaim things like “This is SO me! How does she know??”

Because you do know. You’ve done your research. You know you can help them.

But how do I actually write an About Me page?

I think you mean an About Them page. It’s okay – you’re new to this. I’ll let it slide today.

It can be hard to get going on this page. It seems so important (it is) and possibly all the harder because it can feel a bit own-trumpet-blowy. We’re not usually programmed to confidently state why someone should “pick” us, which is why flipping the meaning of the page on its head and making it about your ideal clients can make things easier.

Having said all of that, writers’ block can strike anyone, at any time, so that’s why I’ve put together 5 steps to creating this page.

I would advise that you follow the basic structure I’ve outlined, as it takes your potential clients through a process – don’t worry though, there are some optional extras at the end that you can include, so it doesn’t feel too formulaic!

As always, you’ll see that I recommend you keep everything short, sweet and to the point. Let’s all repeat together….

Brevity is best.

Now, let’s get started.

About Me page

This first step is the most important one, as this is the point when you identify your client’s current problem. You need them to see themselves and their situation in your writing. You want them to be nodding their head and saying “Yes! That’s me! That’s exactly my problem!” when they’re reading the very first paragraph of your page.

Think about how your clients would describe their problems or challenges, think about how they might be feeling, and use them in your writing. For example:

Your ideal client is hoping to start exporting their product, but it’s difficult as they don’t have any way of communicating with their target market. Instead of leading with something like “I can help you localise your marketing materials.” (which is, of course, what you can do), start by recognising what they’re trying to achieve and how difficult it is….

“Stepping on to the international stage is intimidating. Locally, you’ve built your profile, you’ve got the customers….now you’re ready for more. But “more” is hard work. There’s the language, obviously, the legislation, the local markets….it’s a bit of a minefield, isn’t it?”

about me page

Next you need to get them thinking that maybe, just maybe, things could be different. You want your readers to start visualising a future where their problem doesn’t exist. Of course, they might need a little help with conjuring up this idyllic, problem-free future – this is where your About Me page comes in.

Basically, Step 2 is the point where you reassure them that you’re there to help them, and not just that, but how you can help them. You need to spell out exactly what they’ll get by working with you.

For example: Let’s say you specialise in email marketing translations, so by working with you they’ll get…

  • Greater customer satisfaction (people like to understand what they’re being asked to buy)

  • Higher open rates

  • Greater click-throughs

  • More conversions (which means more sales)

This is the point on your About Me page where you introduce who you are and what you do. On Day 1 of this Copy Blitz we wrote your one-liner…remember? Your one-liner is your snappy, one sentence intro, explaining what you do. But, man, are they hard to come up with! Let’s remind ourselves quickly how we did it:

Step 1: We figured out how we spend our time

Step 2: We questioned ourselves on what we like, who we help and how we help.

Step 3: We dug deeper on what our clients love about working with us, and generally what makes us awesome.

Step 4: We word vomited our “why factor”….i.e. we wrote a huge, rambling essay on why we do what we do, who we are, what makes us special…..

Step 5: We removed (extraneous detail), refined (our purpose) and refreshed our message into one line of amazingness.

This is what we want to have as our introduction – who we are and how we help. That’s it. The rest is about your client. If you need a re-cap on writing your one-liner, check out Day 1 of Copy Blitz.

Now you’ve introduced yourself, it’s time to add a bit of credibility to your About Me (really About Them) page, perhaps by mentioning the types of clients you’ve worked with in the past, the results you’ve achieved with them and your professional experience.

This information is very important – few people enter into new contracts or arrangements without understanding exactly why their new provider is a good choice.

As ever, keep it nice and concise.


My 10-year career as a barrister at top Copenhagen legal firm Johannsen & Jepsen complements my translation qualifications and ensures my work is both loophole free and linguistically correct.

Finally, finally, you can direct your readers to take the action you want. It might be signing up, buying, downloading, providing their details, getting in contact, requesting a quote…whatever it is, ask clearly and directly.

Don’t make it difficult!

For most of us, the call to action will be getting in touch to talk about their needs. At this stage, it’s also worth directing them to areas on your website where they can find out more information about what you do.

For example, you could direct them to a page on your website containing case studies or information on previous projects or client work (this section could also contain testimonials.) If you feature your pricing on your website you could provide a link to that too. If you’ve got some useful resources, for example, blog posts or glossaries that could help your ideal client (and confirm your knowledge in their subject area) then include a redirect to those pages too.

Remember – the more time a potential client spends on your website, the better.

You want them to get to know you and to see the value you provide…before they have to reach for their wallet.

Once you’ve got the necessary items out of the way, you can add in a few “unnecessary” items – you know, to make you feel it really is an About Me page. These add a little bit more of your personality, and show the real person behind the website. I usually recommend having a picture of yourself (if you don’t have one elsewhere on your website) and maybe some fun facts about you – maybe you have some quirky hobbies or you’ve done some amazing things (but remember – brevity is still best!)

Tomorrow’s challenge is going to be crafting a Services page that speaks to your clients as much as your About Me page. Again, it’s really about them. We’ll be focusing on demonstrating to your ideal clients exactly what they get from using your services. You in? See you tomorrow.

This week’s Copy Blitz accompanies the celebrations for my copywriting course’s 1st birthday, so each day there’s a blog post there’ll be a discount on the course price. Today’s discount is 15%….tomorrow’s won’t be so good! Just follow this link to sign up and click on any of the Copy & Content – Translated birthday images on the page or you can click on the one below this text…for one week only the Premium version is also the same price as the regular option!) 

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