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Experience counts: pre-flight

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At first glance, the title of this blog post might appear to be discouraging to newer translators (or for more experienced translators wanting to make a next step, or big leap.) I assure you, it’s not. This isn’t a post about how you have to have years of experience before you can “make it” as a translator (whatever your definition of “make it” might be.) It’s about the experience your clients have with you, and how it can make all the difference in their decision to work with you…and keep working with you. Read More

Fear Factor – A Business Model

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I’m naturally a bit of a worrier. I used to think this was a good thing – I mean, surely if I worried about all the potential (negative) outcomes of a situation then that would somehow cushion the blow when things didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, right? Sending a new pitch letter to a client? The fear would kick in with “Oh they’ll probably not even respond”…so if they didn’t, I could tell myself “I knew that was going to happen”.  Submitting a proposal for a new job? My response…same as above. I’m not sure why I found such comfort in being a negative know-it-all. Confirmation of my fear didn’t make me any less disappointed, that’s for sure. Perhaps by feeling like I knew the outcome I thought I could trick fate/the Universe into surprising me with good news. But really?

I was absolving myself of the need to challenge myself.

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Mini-masterclass: Linkedin profile

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Linkedin can be pushed down the priority list for freelancers. I often hear colleagues say that a Linkedin profile is “for employees” or “jobseekers” and not for self-employed individuals who are looking for clients, rather than cushy 9-5s.

I don’t agree.

Linkedin, when used correctly, can actually be an extension of your website, providing information that you perhaps won’t include there, and, contrary to popular belief, can be customised considerably; giving it your personal touch. You’ll notice I said it’s an extension of your website, not an extension of your CV. Read More

Upping your audience – Part 1 (Guest Blogging)

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“Every crowd has a silver lining.”

P.T. Barnum

How does that quote make you feel? Does it make you feel a bit icky, what with the inference that good things (or monetary gain) only come to those who are followed by a crowd or an audience? The very thought can bring up a lot for the average business owner – maybe you want to rage against the “popular kid” machine. Maybe you’re an introvert, or an agoraphobic, and the idea of crowds really freaks you out. Perhaps you think that fame and money are always linked (rightly or wrongly.) Well, we all know my thoughts on money, and how it’s not wrong to want it, ask for it and deserve it. But what about how it links to your audience?

In this post, I want to talk about using guest blogging as a tool to up your audience – if you want to skip the theory and just get the guest blogging guide, click here to download it

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8 (or was that 7?) changes to make today

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Has anyone seen my comfort zone?

I seem to have misplaced it.

As you might have picked up from the extreme close up of my face below, today’s post is different. Yes, today’s post is a video post. And it’s all about changes. For those of you who prefer good old fashioned reading to this modern YouTube stuff, the transcript is below. Enjoy!

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Copy vs Content

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“I need to right some copy for my blog.” Hmm. No you don’t. “Does anybody know a good content writer? I need a sales page written.” I think you mean a copywriter. Copy and content are often confused, and although they are similar, there are definite differences. As part of an ebook I’m launching (it’ll be available within the next few weeks – exciting!), I included a section on the difference between content and copy, and why you need them. Here’s the chapter: Read More

Write Right, Right?

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I write a lot. Some of it even makes it on paper. By paper I obviously mean MS Word or the notes section on my iPhone. Conservative estimate, I’d say I’ve written about 150,000 words in the last month. How much of this has made the messy, bloody passage into the real world? Half to three quarters. It’s not because what I’ve been writing isn’t good (said she, the embodiment of modesty). It’s because a lot of it is just me talking to myself. My notes are my thoughts. It’s not a diary. It’s not nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom. It’s not the cerebral equivalent of verbal diarrhoea. (Okay it’s not just the cerebral equivalent of verbal diarrhoea). Read More

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