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Helping your direct clients

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Happy Friday everyone! As it’s Friday and all around the world it’s either almost the weekend or already the weekend I thought a happy and helpful post would be a good way to go today. So. How helpful are you? On a scale of one to ten? I think we all like to think we help others as much as we can, and this should apply to our clients as well. Read More

Contracts That Count

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I’m not entirely sure what happened. I’m usually pretty pernickety on contract details so I don’t know how it all got past me. Nevertheless, I am now the proud owner of an almost entirely redundant freephone business number, along with a phone and internet bill which will, over the next few years, take a nice hefty chunk out of my children’s university/travel the world/frivolous teenage purchase fund.

(This post is now in a handy PDF checklist. You can get your checklist here!)

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Pitch Perfect

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Like most translators I know, (especially those who have either started out recently or gone full time in the last few years) the drive to gain new clients, market services, be proactive and active on social media can be pretty intense. It’s all about finding the balance between being visible enough that your profile is raised, but not too visible that people start to throw the Twitter equivalent of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak over you (that’s unfollowing you, in case you’re not a Twitter/HP fan). Read More

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