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Sharing is…scaring (me)

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I’ve never been one of those oversharers *disdainful sniff* I don’t particularly like people knowing my business, it brings up lots of thoughts on dirty laundry being aired in public, support groups and crumpled hankies. That said, I hate secrecy (as you probably gathered from the Let’s Talk Rates live chat!) When it comes to being open and transparent and helpful, I am on it like a car bonnet. Providing resources, blogging and sharing information is totally my bag (baby) – and I love it when people I admire provide a bit of behind the scenes insight and show what really works for them….and what doesn’t. But when it comes to the emotional side of things, and a lot of the touchy-feely stuff behind the scenes, I’ve always shied away from *that sort* of sharing. Read More

New term resolutions?

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Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a bit of a geek. Perhaps it’s because my favourite season is autumn (or Fall, for my US colleagues). Either way, I have always loved this time of year; if I’m honest it’s the true “New Year” for me. This is the time I crack open the new journals (I’m an academic year diary type of gal), open my new notebooks and inhale the intoxicating scent of new pages, new promise and new starts. This has always been a natural time for me to re-evaluate, assess and plan for the coming 12 months. Read More

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