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Sharing is…scaring (me)

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I’ve never been one of those oversharers *disdainful sniff* I don’t particularly like people knowing my business, it brings up lots of thoughts on dirty laundry being aired in public, support groups and crumpled hankies. That said, I hate secrecy (as you probably gathered from the Let’s Talk Rates live chat!) When it comes to being open and transparent and helpful, I am on it like a car bonnet. Providing resources, blogging and sharing information is totally my bag (baby) – and I love it when people I admire provide a bit of behind the scenes insight and show what really works for them….and what doesn’t. But when it comes to the emotional side of things, and a lot of the touchy-feely stuff behind the scenes, I’ve always shied away from *that sort* of sharing. Read More

Let’s Talk Rates – podcast

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We did it! There was talking and tips and technical hitches (mine, obviously) but we did it! We talked rates, and it was glorious. I was joined by four fantastic panelists: Tanya Quintieri, Victoria Patience, Caroline Lakey and Adam Yeomans, and between the four of them they covered topics as diverse as the evolution of (their) rates through to data tracking and even *whisper* telling your clients you’re putting your rates up, rather than asking quietly in your smallest voice if it might be okay, maybe, sometime, to discuss a teeny-tiny rate increase. Read More

Experience counts: pre-flight

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At first glance, the title of this blog post might appear to be discouraging to newer translators (or for more experienced translators wanting to make a next step, or big leap.) I assure you, it’s not. This isn’t a post about how you have to have years of experience before you can “make it” as a translator (whatever your definition of “make it” might be.) It’s about the experience your clients have with you, and how it can make all the difference in their decision to work with you…and keep working with you. Read More

To CPD or not to CPD?

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I’ve got to be honest, I thought 99% of translators were on the same page as me when it comes to CPD, or Continuing Professional Development. I thought it was something that we all did, sometimes in an on-the-job way, for example, the research that needs to be done to carry out a project. Other times, in an “on-purpose” way, i.e. doing a specific course.

I was wrong.

Read More

Fear Factor – A Business Model

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I’m naturally a bit of a worrier. I used to think this was a good thing – I mean, surely if I worried about all the potential (negative) outcomes of a situation then that would somehow cushion the blow when things didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, right? Sending a new pitch letter to a client? The fear would kick in with “Oh they’ll probably not even respond”…so if they didn’t, I could tell myself “I knew that was going to happen”.  Submitting a proposal for a new job? My response…same as above. I’m not sure why I found such comfort in being a negative know-it-all. Confirmation of my fear didn’t make me any less disappointed, that’s for sure. Perhaps by feeling like I knew the outcome I thought I could trick fate/the Universe into surprising me with good news. But really?

I was absolving myself of the need to challenge myself.

Read More

Let’s Talk Rates – live chat sign up

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The date is set and the time is confirmed! Join me and some fantastic colleagues for a live chat on all things rates and pricing on Wednesday 5th October at 20:00 BST. We’ll have actual proposals, real figures and (hopefully) some fun as we share tips and insights into our pricing practices. We’ll also have a few great giveaways from some of my favourite translation heroines. Below is a screenshot of what time it might be where you are (‘cos I’m helpful like that) when the chat is happening: Read More

Mini-masterclass: Linkedin profile

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Linkedin can be pushed down the priority list for freelancers. I often hear colleagues say that a Linkedin profile is “for employees” or “jobseekers” and not for self-employed individuals who are looking for clients, rather than cushy 9-5s.

I don’t agree.

Linkedin, when used correctly, can actually be an extension of your website, providing information that you perhaps won’t include there, and, contrary to popular belief, can be customised considerably; giving it your personal touch. You’ll notice I said it’s an extension of your website, not an extension of your CV. Read More

Focus On: New Translators (Part 2 – Resources)

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I’ve been delighted with the response to my Top 10 Tips for new translators, especially since it seems that many translators, regardless of experience level, enjoyed the reminders. I also enjoyed hearing about other translators’ tips and tricks and have now incorporated a few more habits into my working week. All that being said, the resources to accompany the tips that I gave on Wednesday are as important as the advice itself. After all, you can’t do the work if you don’t have the tools. So this post accompanies today’s video on tools, tricks and resources for newcomers and old-timers. Read More

Focus on: New Translators (Part 1)

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You know, the title of this blog post is a bit misleading (arrrgh! I’m breaking my own rules!) I’ve aimed it at “new translators”, but really, these tips serve any translators, be they fresh as daisies or been-around-the-blockers, the only requirement is that they want to improve. (This is all of us, right?)

I got asked to mentor two new translators over the summer, and, once I’d finished my bulk order of anti-aging cream, I decided to view it as a positive thing. I also started to think about how I could be of best service. What would my “tips” be? What did I wish I knew at the start of my career? The video at the end of this post, lovely colleagues, is what I came up with. Read More

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