taking action


I don’t know where you’re at with your business.

I don’t know if last year you made a killing, or if your business is killing you. I don’t know if you earned 5 figures or a fiver.

Me? I’m somewhere in the middle.

I have days when everything flows; I write a blog post, a newsletter and a sales page before I even get breakfast. Other days I over-commit, under-quote and agree to terms that leave me seriously unmotivated.

Jo Rourke

I forget that the beauty of being a freelancer is being free to work the way I want.


It’s not about working for free (or for peanuts.)

It’s not about being free for my clients all. the. frickin’. time.

I guess I forget that I freelance to get freedom for me, not for anyone else.

Freedom to choose my working hours.

Freedom to choose how much I get paid (and when).

Freedom to choose who I work with.

Freedom to choose my goals and aspirations.

Freedom to work on the types of projects I like.

When you think of it like that, it’s pretty amazing.

Yet, often, we don’t take advantage of all this freedom. We lose sight of why we went freelance in the first place. I guess we forget our dreams, and goals and, apologies for the woo-woo, our vision. Have you ever said to yourself (perhaps whilst pulling an all-nighter on a project you don’t even like) "It wasn’t supposed to be like this"? Or maybe it happens when an email pops into your inbox and you wonder if there’s a way you could fake an out-of-office message....

Let's break the cycle.


I’m challenging myself to start 2018 on a high.

The high of....

  • .... knowing my priorities.
  • .... knowing my rates (enough of the pick-a-random-figure-out-of-the-air stuff)
  • .... knowing my best and worst clients and then....
  • .... dumping the baddies and *deep breath* raising rates for the goodies
  • .... getting the goodies to tell everyone how awesome I am (because I am – and so are you)

Are you up for the challenge?



So how we gonna do this?

I propose 5 challenges, over 5 days. Monday to Friday. No breaks. No momentum-losing weekends to put us off.

I’ll send you an email a day, with a video, a challenge and a workbook (and probably a template or two, I like me a good template).

All you have to do is, well, DO IT.

So, what challenges will we set ourselves?

Monday: Set your goals

Want a better work-life balance? Or to break into a new industry or specialism? Super...but how are you going doing that? No more vague "have more me-time", "work less" scribblings in your diary. Let’s work it out in detail.

Tuesday: Work out your rates

Remember we said freelancing was about freedom? What about financial freedom, and the freedom to set your own rates? Day 2 will be all about working out how much you need (and want) to charge your clients, so you don’t have those panicky moments when you’re asked for a quote.

Wednesday: Current clients

Have you ever really thought about the clients you work with? And whether you, you know, like them? What about how that fits in with other stuff...like their reliability, and how much they pay you? Today we’ll think about that.

Thursday: Raise rates/dump

Yeah, this is the scary day. Based on what we looked at yesterday, we’ll decide if your clients are in or out, and use our templates to tell them. If they’re out, we’ll send them their marching orders (it’s a nice letter, I promise), and if they’re in, we’ll decide if we need to raise their rates (yup, you’re gonna tell them that too.)

Friday: Testimonial time

Phew. It’s Friday. And time for the nicest challenge of the week. Hearing about how awesome you are. You’ve done all the hard work (in this challenge, and for your clients in the past) so now we’ll make sure they’re working hard for you. Social proof is amazing; people buy from people they trust, so having testimonials from happy customers is our goal today.....with the help of a template of course.


How does all that sound?





Excellent! Because all those feelings sound like they add up to a challenge.
(And they’re how I’m feeling about it too.)

Quick-fire questions:

When does it start?

The next Challenge 500 starts on Monday 15th January 2018.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

(It’s free, in case that wasn’t clear.)

How do I get the resources for the challenge?

Each day of the challenge I’ll email you everything you need (you’ll be taken to a special Challenge 500 page).

Who can take part?

Any, all and every freelancer...or at the very least 500 freelancers, otherwise I look even more adorably over-enthusiastic. But seriously: freelance writers, translators, accountants, web designers, events planners, interpreters, copywriters, coaches, graphic designers.... Whatever your label, if you work for yourself, it’s for you.

Um, who are you again?

Oh, hey! I’m Jo Rourke – freelance copywriter & translator. I’m the mastermind megalomaniac mildly insane Northern Irish woman behind Silver Tongue Translations. Here’s some stuff I do... all in the name of helping freelancers be more free.

Write a blog (to help others avoid the mistakes I made)

Host live chats for freelancers (to help shed light on important topics like rates & clients)

Run a copywriting course (to help freelancers attract their ideal clients)

How do I sign up for this?

It’s simple! Just pop your name and your email address into the boxes below, then the magic of the internet will send you the materials at 8am sharp (your time, because the internet is clever that way) every day, for 5 days, from Monday 15th January.

Do I have to start Challenge 500 on Monday 15th January?

Yep – we’re all in it together.

I have a different question; can I email you about it?

Sure! My email is jo.rourke@silvertonguetranslations.com

I’m so excited (yeah, and terrified) about challenging myself on these issues...which is why I’m trying to get 500 freelancers to keep me company. I think that if we work on these 5 bad boys, we are well on the way to starting the year on a real high, and setting ourselves up for a fantastic, financially rewarding and (what was that word?), oh yeah, a FREE 2018.