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We did it! There was talking and tips and technical hitches (mine, obviously) but we did it! We talked rates, and it was glorious. I was joined by four fantastic panelists: Tanya Quintieri, Victoria Patience, Caroline Lakey and Adam Yeomans, and between the four of them they covered topics as diverse as the evolution of (their) rates through to data tracking and even *whisper* telling your clients you’re putting your rates up, rather than asking quietly in your smallest voice if it might be okay, maybe, sometime, to discuss a teeny-tiny rate increase.

Resources were revealed and secrets were shared, but most importantly, real, tangible information on what colleagues actually charge was given. We discussed the benefits of different pricing structures and how they work depending on the type of client.

Who attended?

Because I’m a geek, and I like graphics, I decided to run a few polls to find out a bit more about everyone who tuned in to the chat. This is what the audience looked like….

Let's Talk Rates attendees

Let’s Talk Rates attendees

As you might have guessed, I asked how many years attendees had been working as a translator, and how they charged. There was a great mix of experience, but not as much variation in the charging practices.

Yeah yeah yeah, where’s the recording?

Over the next while, I’ll be sharing information from the chat on the blog, but for now I think it’s handiest to share the chat with you, so you can listen to it yourself. In a staggeringly modern move, I’m providing the recording in video and audio format *flicks hair* so you can choose how you tune in.

If you’d like to get hold of the Let’s Talk Rates Resource Kit, which includes….

  • Example proposal contents
  • Links from the chat
  • Template letter for raising your rates
  • Tips for tracking your time

Then just fill in your details in the box below:

And now on to the recording – if you prefer to do other things while you listen and learn, here’s the audio of the event in podcast form thanks to all who suggested providing the chat like this):

If you want to enjoy the slides and my admittedly rather tired-looking face (it was bad lighting, okay??) then here’s the video:

Secrets are cool, but sharing's cooler.
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Secrets are cool, but sharing's cooler.
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