Today’s blog post is something a little different, as I’m feeling rather poetic on this sunny Tuesday afternoon. In last Friday’s post, which linked to the fantastic interview with Daniel Hahn and Fahmida Riaz, I included a quote from Daniel on translation being about “very close and careful and thoughtful reading“. As I said at the time, I feel this to be a key (and oft-overlooked) element of the art and science of translation. With that in mind, here’s an ode to the source.

Sat at my desk,

Feeling ready and fresh,

A jumble of letters before me.

I look up at the screen,

And forward I lean,

And I read and I read and I read.

I frequently pause,

As a phrase gives me cause,

To ponder its meaning or reference,

The source must be unstripped,

Understood, not eclipsed.

Respected and treated with deference.

On that literary note I’ll have to sign off, as I have a report on renewable energy technologies to translate this afternoon, which, although not strictly poetic, might help make the world a better place….uh-oh! I feel a Michael Jackson song coming on! Enjoy your day everyone!


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Secrets are cool, but sharing's cooler.
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