Picking my Pocket: Reading round up Jan 19th – 23rd

Last week’s blog post had some of my favourite books in a starring role and since then I’ve received some great comments and recommendations on Twitter about your favourite reads when it comes to translation. Most translators I know are self-confessed bookworms and nowadays this love of reading extends to online reading and e-books. I love my iPad and use ibooks or the Kindle app for reading “real” books, but I probably spend more than 50% of my time reading blog posts or articles online. I use Pocket to save any articles or posts that colleagues or friends have tweeted and then I read them when I have a spare moment. With that in mind, I thought I’d start a weekly reading round up on what I’ve enjoyed reading offline and online. I love weekly round up style emails (Lingua Greca has a fantastic, much more well established one with lots and lots of links!) and I thought I’d do something similar but also add in a short description and some thoughts.

Free ebook for translators – 12 business checklists

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This week I’ve been focused on marketing and networking; I was due to go to an evening event on Wednesday and so I spent some time reading about how to get the best out of my experience. Typically life, or more specifically, a toddler with a very high temperature, scuppered my plans this week but I am booked on another event next Thursday!

I’ve just finished reading Tess Whitty’s The Marketing Cookbook for translators (buy it, it’s awesome) so when a tweet popped up by Tess mentioning checklists for boosting your business I was on it faster than you can say “FREE BOOK! FREE BOOK!” (The freeness just made it even better!) When I downloaded the checklists I was extra delighted to see a Networking Checklist and a Conference Checklist, both with really handy sections for Before, During and After the event. I took the time during the week to do all my “before” prep and felt a lot better ahead of last night’s event than I usually do…I will let you know next week how my During and After performances go!

Why Bad Translations of Hotel Documents Are Bad for Your Business 

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This excellent post by Alina outlines, for clients in the hotel industry, just how damaging a bad translation can be for business. It’s a topic I’ve thought about recently, as I was contacted by a hotel in Argentina, asking if I would have a look at a translation that they’d had done of some menus and hotel information. I hesitated at first, as I didn’t like the thought of (potentially) badmouthing a colleague’s work. In the end, I found out that the menus had been translated by one translator and the hotel information by another – and the two could not have been more different. One was thoughtfully rendered and (in my opinion) faultless, which is exactly what I told the hotel’s marketing manager. The other, I believe, was done by a certain Señor Google…so I wasn’t too worried about insulting him. Alina makes an excellent point in her conclusion, stating that bad translations “make all the effort (and money investment) futile” which can certainly be the case, especially for hotels who market themselves at the luxury level.

Warm email marketing: a success story

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Like loads of translators I’m a big fan of Corinne‘s blog, Thoughts on Translation and there are countless posts on there which are really useful. This week’s post is no exception to the rule and has some really handy links too. I’ve been experimenting with marketing techniques recently and, seeing as my husband is a digital marketing guru (ha! He’s going to love that description!), I have been trying to find out more on targeted email marketing in the last month. Reading Corinne’s post was great as it confirmed to me that shorter, more succinct, more personal emails are the way to go. There are some fantastic links in the post, not least to Ed Gandia‘s free cheat sheet on warm email marketing, which I downloaded yesterday. I love the whole concept of “warmth” as it’s something that’s rarely associated with marketing – Ed says in his opening chat (it feels like a chat) that “the goal is to start a conversation”, it’s even written in a lovely, warm orange (sucker for advertising, me?) It really is a great way to think about your prospective clients though; new people you want to chat to, and ultimately, to help.

So those are three of my favourite reads from this week – what about you? Have you read anything interesting? Let me know in the comments!


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