Attract Clients With Your Content

Don’t you just wish it was all a bit…easier?

I bet when you envisaged life as a freelancer you pictured yourself merrily tapping away on your laptop and fielding calls from enthusiastic clients-to-be while you said things like,

“Hmmm. I might be able to fit that [insert amazing project] in sometime next February…”

But it’s not always like that. In fact, sometimes it can feel pretty hard. You sort of know that it might be because your content is a little….lacklustre, but it’s hard to fix it.

You feel stuck.

It might be that your About Me page is a bit too about you and not enough about your potential customers. Or that your pitches to prospective clients are met with deafening silence….[insert Jaws music]. Everyone has their thing. Often, we forget who we’re writing for (clue: not ourselves). Sometimes, we inadvertently break some rules (like accidentally yelling at your customers WHEN YOU TYPE IN CAPS). And other times, we don’t break enough of the rules. (Like starting sentences with “and” or “because”….or using too many brackets.)

I work with lots of companies (small and large) on their content and copy – writing it, editing it and polishing it until it speaks to their customers as it should. But sometimes it’s a pretty big leap to hand over your writing work to somebody else. You’d rather do it yourself; it feels more authentic and controllable and dammit, you enjoy it, so why shouldn’t you write it? After all, nobody knows your ideal customer or client better than you. And that’s who you’re writing for, isn’t it?

“Isn’t it?”

I know. You’re wracking your brains trying to think if your last client pitch did anything other than list your qualifications and bore enlighten your hoped-for client on the subject of your dissertation. (I’m looking at you, academics.) Maybe you didn’t do that, maybe you just forgot to tell them how your service solves their problems. Do you pepper your emails with make-you-small words like “just” and “only” and “if it’s not too much trouble….“? It’s hard not to include those words and phrases when you email clients. You want the work, but you don’t want to sound aggressive, so by adding these words we mistakenly think we’re making ourselves seem harmless and non-threatening.

But do you want them to hire you or give you a hug?

Whatever the reason you’re not getting the response you want, I can help. My course walks you through the basics of attracting the types of clients you actually want to work with. There are two main options, a regular and a premium, which I’ll explain more about later.

Jo, I write for my job – I don’t need a course

I get it. Translators already do a lot of writing, and whether you’ve got CAT tool qualifications coming out of your eyeballs or you’re old skool through and through, you’ll know that getting writing right is of utmost importance. Often, as translators, we forget to sell ourselves through our own writing. In fact, we associate content and copywriting with “icky” sales-speak. At best, it’s something we translate for other people – it’s not for us.

Whether you’re marketing yourself to agencies or direct clients, selling yourself is something that has to be done, if you want to win business and work. From drafting CVs and cover letters (yes, they’re forms of content too) that convert into accepted applications, right through to writing web copy on your site and producing newsletters, brochures and sale pages. You might shrug at these ideas, but one thing is clear – the most successful translators market and sell themselves just as much as other “regular” business owners.

Hmmm. Okay, tell me more

Copy & Content – Translated is a detailed guide to getting your writing right, whether you’re a native speaker or not. Indeed, there’s even an option to receive key materials and templates in your own language, so you can reach out to both your source and target language markets.

Being a geek myself, I focus some time on understanding the theory behind content and copy, so you get to grips with writing for someone else, i.e. that special someone who needs your services. Then we get right down to the practical nitty gritty – feedback from agencies and direct clients on why they hire one translator over another, insights from specific industries on writing “killer” content, including email marketing experts and content specialists. We also look at how to write an amazing “About You” page….second clue: it shouldn’t be about you. There’ll be Q&As, “Do’s & Don’ts”, rules you can’t break and rules you definitely should, as well as weekly exercises (with feedback, if you wish.)

I am in! What do I get? Are there snacks?

The course lasts for 5 weeks, with weekly webinars, transcripts, written exercises and information in downloadable PDF format. BUT, and this is a big BUT, you don’t have to complete the course in that time, because, you know, life happens. On the other hand, if you’d rather just get it all done in a week, that’s cool too. It’s 100% self-paced. So who should sign up?

This course is ideal if you’re a freelance translator who would like to….

        • Get more agencies or direct clients on your books
        • Polish your resumé
        • Actually like your Linkedin profile
        • Craft a cover letter that gets replies
        • Establish an online presence with great content (or improve what you do already)
        • Get a better understanding of the theory behind content and copy
        • Learn to write for your customer (not yourself, your uni professor or your translator buddies)
        • Get some templates for your marketing materials in your source and target languages
        • Write content and copy that converts into customers

Okay, but what’s so special about you, Jo?

DSC_0019 (861x1024)I’ve been a freelance translator, content writer and copywriter for 14 years. I love helping people with their writing, whether it’s crafting copy, translating into another tongue, or guiding business owners on improving what they already do. Basically, I am all about the words. You can see some of the things I’ve written, for the likes of the Huffington Post, the Guardian, Evan Carmichael and The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, by clicking on the links on their names. Some of my recent students have been kind enough to say why they think I’m qualified to help you:


“I really enjoyed all aspects of the course and it was great value for money. Jo’s handcrafted content was dynamic and fun yet also relevant, educational and packed full of great advice and tips for improving copy, content and business in general. Jo’s resources and material showed a great understanding of the issues in copy and content and how to overcome them.

I liked the fact that Jo tailored my part of the course to my individual needs – a factor which sets it apart from other online courses. This meant my individual needs were addressed and led to a huge improvement in my writing skills and confidence. An excellent course for both experienced and budding translators and copywriters. I can’t recommend this course and Jo’s skills highly enough! “Christina_McGown_translator_photo

Christina Allen, Translator, Bella Translations


“What I liked: the concept of a whole course with specific modules, the interactions, the templates. I found the resources for Client profiles, CVs and cover letters that convert, Calls to action and how to incorporate them and Analytics and measurement most useful; I now have processes that I have integrated into my workflow.

And on a personal note, I really liked the course notes!” Caroline Sanders photo

Caroline Sanders, Translator, Sanders Translations

“I am just finishing Jo’s Copy & Content – Translated course. She is very knowledgeable about translation and content writing and is more than willing to share this knowledge. She is also very patient when it comes to answering questions and takes the time to provide a personalised service. I highly recommend taking one of Jo’s courses.”

Louise Souter, Translator, Louise Souter Translations Louise Souter pic

“Thank you for a great course! It’s been quite a journey! I have completely rewritten and reformatted my CV (it’s now one page only!) and have drafted a couple of different cover letters. I think they are much better than my original ones and I couldn’t have managed this without your priceless advice and step-by-step guidelines.

I have really enjoyed the course, it is very well-structured, nicely paced and I loved the clean and stylish design for all the downloadable materials. It’s brilliant to have the transcripts as well, as I can highlight things for my own reference (I am a bit nerdy like that). My favourite of all is the editing checklist in Week 4. This is a huge help, particularly for non-native English speakers who have to write their content in their source language. I am going to print that checklist and glue it to the wall above my desk! “

Clara Llamas-Gómez, Translator & Editor,

So how does the course work?

The course includes the course material in downloadable PDF format, weekly webinars, transcripts of the webinars, exercises and several templates that you can use and customise to your own needs. The aim of the course is to empower you to make your writing work for you, so the emphasis is definitely on practical application.

As translators we’re hyper-aware that the whole world isn’t English-speaking, and the premium course reflects that. I want you to be able to be confident in your content and copywriting in both your source and target languages, to effectively engage with both markets. Therefore, as well as the basic elements, Premium course students get:

          • Translation of webinar transcripts into their own language (if they wish)
          • Relevant templates translated (i.e. those going to the client)
          • Editing and feedback on 2 key course exercises

The course consists of a Welcome Week to get you warmed up, then 4 weeks of “real” work. Each week there are 4 modules.  Here’s the course schedule, so you can see what you’re getting (don’t forget you’ll do a gentle Welcome Week at the beginning, to get you eased in!)

Copy & Content - Translated_schedule_image


 Any questions from the class?

What’s the course called again?

The course is called Copy & Content – Translated.

Do I have to follow the course in the 5 weeks?

Only if you want to avail of the Premium option for the course, as there’s a 2 week window after the course for feedback on your assignments. If you want to do it at your own pace – no problem! You can access the material weekly or all in one go.

How much does it cost?

The Plain Vanilla regular version of Copy & Content – Translated is usually £230 (280 USD or 265€). For September it’s £195.

The Premium version of Copy & Content – Translated is £250 (305 USD or 290€).

When does it start?

There are monthly intakes of the course, usually starting the first Monday of every month.

How do I access the materials?

There’s a Members’ Area which holds all the materials centrally, so you don’t have to hunt through your inbox each week for materials. It’s password protected and you’ll receive your password on Week 1 of the course.

What about a money back guarantee if I’m not happy? 

I am happy to provide a full refund if you’re not happy with the course. However, all I ask is that you complete the exercises and send them to me (obviously this is if you’ve started the course already!) I’m confident that completing all of the exercises will bring a real change to you, so I always ask that you participate to get the most out of it. If you’re still not happy, your refund will be processed at the end of the course.

This sounds amazing! Where do I sign up?

You can sign up right here! Copy & Content – Translated is enjoying it’s first birthday celebrations this week, so each day this week there’s a discount – just click on any of the birthday images scattered throughout the page to sign up and avail of the daily discount. After you register on Copy & Content – Translated you’ll get a welcome email from me the next day with the start dates for the course. For this week only, the Premium and Regular courses are the same price 🙂 Easy!

Um, can I have a freebie and think about it?

Of course!

One of the key elements from Week 1 of the course is analysing your current client base. We’ve all heard about the importance of “social proof”, i.e. recommendations and testimonials from happy clients. But it can be a little cringe-inducing to ask for these types of references. With that in mind, I’ve created a testimonial request template (it’s actually 3 templates in 1) which takes the pain out of approaching your clients. It’s one of the resources from Week 1, so it’ll give you a sneak peek inside the course too.

Click here to get your freebie: Testimonial Request Formula.


How To Get In Touch

If you have any questions on the course, I’d be delighted to help. You can email me directly on


Informed. Engaged. Empowered.