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First up in our series of Translator Profiles is Gabriele Postberg. As I explained in the last blog post, the series will take the form of a short quiz, (just 10 questions) allowing each of our freelance translators the chance to give us their thoughts about translation, the industry in general and some personal info. In the interests of fairness and scientific accuracy(!) the questions are the same for all of the freelancers, but some of the answers have been pretty different! Here’s what Gabriele had to say:

Q1: How did you get into translation?
Well, that’s quite a long story. After school I tried the hotel industry first, but quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. Then I trained as a foreign languages correspondent with a telecommunications company in Frankfurt. It was there that I realized translating isn’t boring at all. So once I’d completed the training, I went on to get a degree in Translation Studies at the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies in Germersheim, Germany.
A year with a large German translation agency and three years’ employment with the German stock exchange followed, before I became a freelancer in August 2011.

Q2: What languages do you work in?
English > German
German > English
French > German

Q3: What has been your favourite project ever?
I actually enjoy translating certificates (birth, marriage, death, school, anything). Translation-wise they’re not that exciting, but I enjoy the challenge of making them look as much like the original as possible. Nerdy, I know. But since I’m a sworn translator I get a lot of them, and it would be really tough if they weren’t a little fun too.
Apart from certificates I like texts that are interesting and from which I learn something new, like anything to do with other cultures, traveling or art.

Q4: Why do you like translation?
Because every project is a new challenge. No one would ask me to translate the same document twice. I love that I get to learn something new with every text, and that it never gets boring.

Q5: If you could translate anything in the world (past or present), what would it be?
I think children’s books would be nice to translate. Or travel guides.

Q6: Do you think translation is an art or a science?
Definitely both.

Q7: Do you work with Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools? If yes, why? If no, why?
Yes, I work with Trados 2011. My memory is okay, but not great. So I found I kept looking up the same terminology over and over again. Trados helps me with consistency.

Q8: What makes a good project manager?
Being organized, patient, friendly, knowing the translation business.

Q9: Where do you live?
In Weinheim, a small town just 15 km from Heidelberg, Germany.

Q10: What do you do when you’re not translating?
I would love to read more. But I have a 18 month old daughter, so when I’m not translating, I spend a lot of time at the playground. And I love to travel!

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Our next Translator Profile in the series will be Jorim De Clercq and will be posted tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed our first very nosy interview!

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