Why Language Matters

Translation, bilingual content creation, interpreting, transcreation, copywriting, subtitiling, localisation…what have they all got in common?

Language. It can be a bit of a minefield trying to negotiate what you need to do to stand out in the marketplace (whichever marketplace that might be). Deciding to publish content is a great step in getting people to engage with you, your product or your service, and, naturally, language is of utmost importance.


It’s not all about content though. Basic language can make or break a deal. A misplaced comma can render a contract void. A double entendre can make your movie fantastic or a fiasco. Stylish language can land you a job. A language other than your own can get you freedom. Whatever way you look at it, language is all around us. It’s how we record, narrate and document the world. It’s not how we communicate (after all, it’s been found that only 7% of any message is verbal) but it is, often, how we make our message “official”.

So how can we make language work for us?

This section of the website, the client blog, is all about the ways in which language can help improve your business and drive it forward. That might mean converting page visits to sales. Or it might mean just getting visitors to the page in the first place; then you can work on the affect language has on your purchase lifecycle. Maybe it means employing an editor or a proofreader (or, ideally, both) to review work before it’s published, either on or offline. Or even simply understanding the difference between an editor and a proofreader in the first place. Perhaps it’s about calling in the professionals and seeing that the content on your site needn’t just be written by the marketing team, who, really, should be busy marketing, not copywriting. All of these examples concern your own working language, you can be assured that we’ll talk about how adding an international flavour to your communications can help as well, in fact, we’ve talked to some companies (and not just big scary ones) who have already stepped on to the global stage. Let’s join them.

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Secrets are cool, but sharing's cooler.
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